How do I level up?

2014-09-18 22:57:10 by ChickenSlurpee

So I'm still a little new to Newgrouds, but I really enjoy it.  How does one level up?  Just by reviewing and uploading?

So I have submitted a few videos.  Getting a bit of mixed feedback.  Oh well, I'm just thankfull that people are watching.  

I can't change my icon!

2014-09-16 23:03:49 by ChickenSlurpee

I'm new to Newgrounds trying to set up all my stuff.  I uploaded an older icon for my brand and decided to change it.  When I go to upload the new one, it acts as if it is going to save it, but never does.  


What's the dealio?  


Well, scratch that.  It finally changed.  

Hello NewGrounds!

2014-07-01 16:49:31 by ChickenSlurpee

Hi everybody, I'm an independent animator trying to make his way in the world.